Trey Radel (R-FL CD 19) and Adam Hasner (R-FL CD 22)


Florida will play a critical role in this November’s election. With conservative Connie Mack running against liberal Senator Bill Nelson, House races will be just as important. LLPH is proud to endorse two conservatives for congress today.

Florida CD 19: Trey Radel (R) defeated LLPH-endorsed Byron Donalds. But after reading his positions, I am convinced that  he will be a tea party congressman. He has been endorsed by LLPH-favorite Connie Mack and ConservativeHQ founder (and LLPH friend) Richard Viguerie.

Trey Radel supports free market energy solutions, opposes the High Speed Rail and earmarks, and supports smaller government by increasing local control of education and decreasing federal education. These are just a few good positions he holds.

Visit his website here:

Florida CD 22: Adam Hasner was the Republican leader in the Florida House and was a strong partner to now-Senator Rubio (who has endorsed Adam Hasner.

Adam Hasner has made great commitments which is why he was endorsed by the tea-party affiliated Freedomworks. Here are his commitments:

Visit his website here:

Let’s continue fighting for Freedom!

For Liberty in 2012, Spoa

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