Chris Stewart for Utah CD 2: An Author Who Will Save the American Dream

LLPH Second Revolution is proud to endorse Chris Stewart for Utah’s Second Congressional District.

This is a prime pick-up opportunity for conservatives. Chris Stewart has a great economic plan for America (read here):

He understands that wasteful spending on things like Amtrak, transportation and federal education funding, bailouts and stimulus bills, farm and energy subsidies are all things that are growing our national deficit and must come to an end. He will support a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.

Chris Stewart is a business owner, a job creator, a veteran, and an author. He’s not a career politician. Chris Stewart has been endorsed by Glenn Beck (a conservative newscaster) and one of LLPH’s favorite senators…Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah)!

Here is what Senator Mike Lee has to say about Chris:

“I know Chris is committed to constitutionally limited government and that he will help lead the fight for a balanced budget amendment, tax and entitlement reform, and a strong national defense. His unique experience as an author, Air Force pilot and businessman have prepared Chris to serve our country. I look forward to working with him, as a
member of the Utah delegation, to ensure critical legislative initiatives get through both houses of Congress.”

Let’s get Chris Stewart to congress and pick up another seat for the GOP (and conservatives 🙂 )!

Visit his website here:

Donate here:

On to Liberty in 2012! —Spoa

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