LLPH Endorses Incumbents 8-25-12: Franks, Graves, Landry, Fleming, Chabot!


LLPH is pleased to endorse a few more incumbents we will be supporting for this year’s general elections. We apologize for not endorsing these incumbents before primaries, but we will do much better in 2013 and 2014 and going forward. We finally figured out how we would calculate who were real conservatives and who weren’t. We are basing a lot of our information from great conservative organizations like the Club for Growth and the Heritage Foundation.

Now on to our endorsements!


Arizona 8: Congressman Trent Franks for Congress

The conservative Madison Project says this about Rep. Franks: “Franks is the embodiment of a true full-spectrum conservative.  His 10-year career is one of the most stellar examples of consistent conservatism of this generation.” Congressman Franks earned a 100% from the Club for Growth and a 97% from the Heritage Foundation.

Congressman Franks’ Website:

Georgia 14: Congressman Tom Graves for Congress

This is a congressman I have to brag about because he is MY representative! 🙂 He scored an AWESOME 100% from the Club for Growth and an AWESOME 97% from the Heritage Foundation. As a freshman, he has annoyed the leadership by taking on the role of a true leader. Read this Politico story about his great leadership.

Congressman Graves’ Website:

Louisiana 3: Congressman Jeff Landry for Congress

Congressman Landry was elected in 2010, gaining a Democrat seat for conservatives. He has since earned a 94% from the Club for Growth and an 81% from the Heritage Foundation. Congressman Landry is in a tough fight against a moderate GOP Congressman Boustany who earned a pitiful 66% from the Club for Growth and a 61% from the Heritage Foundation. If we are to get our nation back on track, we need to keep conservatives and boot RINOs out!

Also, read about his heroic duty in preventing President Obama from making recess appointments.

Congressman Landry’s Website:

(Also, note that he is one of the few who has given up his congressional perks. 🙂 )

Louisiana 4: Congressman John Fleming for Congress

Congressman Fleming is a strong voice for conservative values. As a doctor, he understands that Obamacare is unconstitutional. He scored a 97% from the Club for Growth and an 89% from the Heritage Foundation. He had the guts to help lead the fight against a wasteful continuing resolution. (We hope he will consider a senate run one day 🙂 )

Congressman Fleming’s Website:

Ohio 1: Congressman Steve Chabot for Congress

After having been defeated in 2008, Steve Chabot rode on the 2010 GOP wave to defeat the man who defeated him. Since he has returned, Congressman Chabot has been able to get back to his work in fighting for conservative values. He scored a 93% from the Club for Growth (a fiscally conservative organization) and an 82% from the Heritage Foundation.

Read this story about his early fight against earmarks

Congressman Chabot’s Campaign Website:

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