Exciting News for Conservatives: August 26, 2012 Summary

WSJ Graphic

Presidential Race:

Columbus Dispatch: OHIO: Governor Romney and President Obama are tied 45-45%. This is good news for the GOP especially since Obama is the incumbent.

Good News for Conservatives:

DailyKos (Liberal News Organization): Recently, they released a list of race rating changes. Here are a few good ones for Conservatives/Republicans:

MISSOURI GOVERNOR: They moved this race from Likely Democrat to Leans Democrat. That’s good news for Dave Spence (R) and bad for Governor Nixon (D).

ARKANSAS-CD 4: Probably one of my favorite, they have now confessed that they don’t see anyway that Tom Cotton (also a LLPH Second Revolution endorsed candidate) will not be going to the 113th Congress. They moved this race from Likely Republican to Safe Republican. 🙂

CONNECTICUT-CD 5: I’m not a fan of Andrew Roraback (R), but if he can take this seat into GOP hands…that’s another person who will be independent of Nancy Pelosi. The liberals moved it from Leans Democrat to Tossup.

FLORIDA-CD 2: Rep. Steve Southerland (R) is a good representative. LLPH is looking at giving him our endorsement soon. Anyway, his race was moved from Leans Republican to Likely Republican after the Democrats nominated an extreme liberal.

MASSACHUSETTS-CD 6: As a social conservative, I’m concerned about having Richard Tisei (R) in our party…especially as a Republican congressman. But it’s not like his opponent is any better. The liberals moved this race from Leans Democrat to Tossup.

NORTH CAROLINA-CD 9: LLPH is looking at endorsing Robert Pittenger (R) for this seat. He seems to be a strong, solid conservative. Anyway, his race was just moved from Likely Republican to Safe Republican!

NEW JERSEY-CD 5: Another race we are so excited about. Congressman Scott Garrett (R) is the best New England Republican of all time. We were worried that he might have a tough race, but the liberals are moving this race from Likely Republican to Safe Republican because his Democrat opponent has not even filed an FEC report. In their words: “Next.” 🙂

NEW YORK-CD 23: I’m not a huge fan of Congressman Tom Reed (R). He’s gotten to be more of a RINO after I gave him my full support. A disappointment. But he’s done such a good job with his “independence” that the liberals are having a hard time getting rid of him. Reed is better than most of the delegation though, so we’re glad he’s doing fine. They moved his race from Leans GOP to Likely GOP.

SOUTH CAROLINA-CD 7: I’m not sure how conservative Tom Rice is. His issues page is a little two over-simplistic, and he doesn’t explain what spending cuts he wants. I hope he will be as conservative as people like Congressmen Mick Mulvaney and Tim Scott. But I’m still happy that this race is going pro-GOP as the liberals have changed their rating on this race from Likely Republican to Safe Republican.

WEST VIRGINIA- CD 3: Rick Snuffer will have a tough time beating Rep. Rahall, but West Virginia is getting more Republican, so he may be able to pull it off. They’ve changed the rating from Safe Democrat to Likely Democrat.

Good News for Republicans:

Roll Call: CONNECTICUT: Republican Linda McMahon has a chance to defeat Democrat Chris Murphy…and this is Connecticut!

Kimball Political Consulting: MASSACHUSETTS: Massachusetts Senate Race: Republican Senator Scott Brown (R) leads Elizabeth Warren 49-43%.

SurveyUSA: NEVADA: Republican Senator Dean Heller leads Rep. Shelley Berkley (D) in the polls. SurveyUSA (according to the picture above) is one of the best polling organizations in America.

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