Conservative Businessman Tom Smith (R) for Pennsylvania Senator!

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Tom Smith (R) is a candidate who doesn’t get as much attention as he should be getting. With more news coverage and promotion, he could increase name recognition and defeat Obama-follower Senator Bob Casey (D-Pennsylvania).

As most of you know, LLPH Second Revolution supports Republicans, but we only endorse true conservatives. Tom Smith is one of those true conservatives!

Tom Smith has said that he wants to “double Pat Toomey”. Senator Toomey (R-Pennsylvania) defeated Democrat Joe Sestak and succeeded RINO-turned Democrat Senator Arlen Specter. Here’s the link:

Senate Conservatives Fund (along with Senator Jim Demint (R-South Carolina) has endorsed Tom Smith. This is what the Senate Conservatives Fund has said about Mr. Smith:

“Running for the U.S. Senate after he left the coal business was the farthest thing from Tom Smith’s mind, but that changed when an old friend asked, “What will our children say to our grandchildren about why our generation avoided the tough decisions and simply passed the bill along to them?”

From that question was born a campaign for the Senate, not to fulfill a long-held ambition or to climb the political ladder, but rather to answer that question: Who will go to Washington to safeguard the American Dream before it is too late? Tom Smith has taken on that challenge, and his campaign has drawn the support of a wide cross-section of Pennsylvanians.”

Tom Smith will fight for coal…Senator Casey has fought against coal.

Tom Smith will fight for pro-life values…Senator Casey has betrayed pro-life values.

Tom Smith will represent Pennsylvanians…Senator Casey has and will always represent President Obama.

Help Tom Smith here:

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