Tea Partiers Upset Incumbents: Brad Wenstrup, James Bridenstine, and Ted Yoho

This election cycle, three incumbents were defeated by Tea Partiers and conservatives. Now these incumbents are by no means RINOs, but they were benchwarmers who refused to fight for conservative values…yielding to many RINO causes and the establishment. The Tea Party, made up of regular folks, defeated three incumbents this election cycle with a message: They are sick and tired of go-along, get-along politics…compromising of values…and the refusal of Republicans to stand up for anything. Next congress, if these tea partiers win their seats this November and they keep their promises, conservatives will add three more strong voices. Let’s learn about each one of these Tea Party upsets! 🙂

Dr. Brad Wenstrup (R) defeated Incumbent Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-Ohio 2) on March 6, 2012 by 49-44%. A supporter of the tea party, Brad Wenstrup attacked Rep. Schmidt for compromising on the debt ceiling and vowing to stand up for conservative values if the voters elected him. Rep. Schmidt holds a 72% from the conservative Heritage Action for America and an 80% from the fiscally conservative Club for Growth. But her support for raising the debt ceiling (as you can see by clicking on the article below) nailed her political coffin shut as voters told her it was time to come home. Brad Wenstrup is a practicing physician who also served as a Lt. Col. in the United States Army Reserve. We give him our endorsement and look forward to helping him win in November.

Tea Party Attendence

Local Tea Party Support: Anderson Tea Party 

“Wenstrup billed himself as the tea party candidate, collecting endorsements from groups like Liberty Alliance Cincinnati and the Ohio Liberty Council and railing against Schmidt’s vote in favor of raising the debt ceiling.”

Brad Wenstrup’s Website: http://usabrad.com/


Jim Bridenstine (R) defeated Incumbent Representative John Sullivan (R-Oklahoma 1) on June 26, 2012 defeating the incumbent 54-46%.

Video: Jim Bridenstine says that voters are tired of both parties wasting money as he upset Rep. John Sullivan (R-Oklahoma 1).

Rep. Sullivan has earned himself a 68% from the Heritage Foundation and an 80% from the Club for Growth, and Rep. Sullivan voted for the final debt ceiling increase. Sullivan also supported the NAT Gas Tax Act….Bridenstine does not. We give him our endorsement and are proud to support him for the general election.

Jim Bridenstine’s Website: http://jimbridenstine.com/

Dr. Ted Yoho is the most recent upset as he defeated Incumbent Representative Cliff Stearns (R-Florida 3) by 829 votes on August 14, 2012. Ted Yoho is a strong conservative and proudly wants to eliminate the Department of Energy. Watch his tea party speech here:

Ted Yoho Tea Party Speech on June 10, 2012

Rep. Stearns served a decent term. He actually voted against the Budget Control Act of 2011 and scored high 80s from the Heritage Foundation and the Club for Growth. But Tea Partiers and Conservatives told him that 80% is no longer good enough…they want and expect better. They elected Ted Yoho on primary day, and LLPH is proud to endorse him for the general election.

Ted Yoho’s Website: http://www.tedyoho.com/

All in all, the Tea Party has had other successes this year. If everything goes right, tea party conservatives like Tom Cotton, Thomas Massie, Ron DeSantis, and others will be giving the few conservatives in Washington D.C. backup. My best advice for these candidates are to stand strong and not join the go-along, get-along team.

LLPH endorses these three great conservatives and wish them the best this November 2012.

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