Arizona CAN Elect Conservatives: Flake, Gould, Salmon, Schweikert!

Representative Jeff Flake

Arizona Senate: Congressman Jeff Flake for Senate

A few years ago, Senator Jim Demint (R-South Carolina) was a lonely conservative. He sometimes had allies in Senators Coburn (R-Oklahoma), Sessions (R-Alabama), Vitter (R-Louisiana), and a few others…but most Republicans whispered about him, mocked him, and hated him.

But the Tea Party recognized Senator Demint’s need and sent him support in 2010 by sending him conservative Senators Paul (R-Kentucky), Lee (R-Utah), Johnson (R-Wisconsin), Toomey (R-Pennsylvania), and Rubio (R-Florida). This year, 2012, Conservatives have a great chance to add more conservatives by sending Richard Mourdock for Indiana Senate, Ted Cruz for Texas Senate, Deb Fischer for Nebraska Senate, Todd Akin for Missouri Senate, Josh Mandel for Ohio Senate, and more.

Rep. Jeff Flake fought for Conservative values during his time in congress. He earned a 100% from the Club for Growth and holds a strong 97% from the Heritage Foundation. He is 100% pro-life and holds a strong rating from the National Right to Life. He fought against earmarks before opposing them was cool. This is why the Club for Growth, Freedomworks, Senators Demint, Lee, and Toomey have ALL endorsed him!

Let me be clear: Jeff Flake has made mistakes on some issues. But he is better than his opponent, and I urge Arizonians to send Senator Demint another ally to the Senate!

Read Senator Demint (R-South Carolina) statement on Rep. Jeff Flake (R-Arizona):

Profile Picture

Arizona 4: State Senator Ron Gould for Congress

State Senator Gould is challenging Congressman Paul Gosar in the primary. Congressman Gosar moved to this district because his district was made more liberal. But Congressman Gosar’s record is not acceptable in this strong GOP district. He voted for ACORN, raising the debt ceiling, and said that “compromise” is needed. It’s time to show Rep. Gosar the door.

State Senator Gould in contrast is a strong conservative. That’s why leading conservative organizations like the Goldwater Institute, Americans for Prosperity, and the Arizona Federation of Taxpayers rate Ron Gould as the most conservative State Senator in Arizona. He won’t back down from a fight and will join strong conservative leaders in congress. Rep. Gosar has shown himself to be a compromiser while State Sen. Gould has shown himself to be a conservative fighter.

Arizona 5: Former Congressman Matt Salmon for Congress

Read my post from earlier here:

“Matt Salmon. Like Former Congressman Steve Stockman, he is one of those 1994 Republicans elected in the tide that led to Speaker Gingrich taking over the House. Matt Salmon is a true conservative with a record”

Representative David Schweikert

Arizona 6: Congressman David Schweikert for Congress

I respect Rep. Ben Quayle a lot. I wish that Arizona was not losing a district and that both representatives could remain in congress. But I can keep wishing as much as I want…my wishing won’t change a thing.

After a lot of thinking, I am endorsing Rep. David Schweikert over Rep. Quayle for a few reasons:

1) Rep. Schweikert is a conservative fighter. With a business degree, he explains conservativism very well:

Watch him explain conservative values and fiscal responsibility on the House floor:

2) You usually know a man by who his friends are. He allies himself with people like Conservative Senator Pat Toomey (R-Pennsylvania) and LLPH-endorsed Matt Salmon. Rep. Quayle allies himself with people like Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) and Jon Kyl (R-Arizona)…good people, but they aren’t as conservative as Pat Toomey.

3) Rep. Schweikert is a fighter. He doesn’t have the establishment support that his opponent has, and I believe that when hard arm twisting comes by the leadership, Rep. Schweikert will stand strong while Rep. Quayle will concede to the leadership.


Arizona can help build a conservative majority in congress by sending a Senator Jeff Flake and Congressmen Ron Gould, Matt Salmon, and David Schweikert.

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