Breakdown of Today’s Races: August 14, 2012

This is going to be a very brief post. But I want to urge Floridians to go cast their ballots today, especially if you live in Florida’s 6th, 7th, 18th, and 19th Districts!

Here’s a quick run-down of the races:

1) Ron DeSantis for Florida CD 6: Locked in a tight battle for this seat, Ron DeSantis needs every vote he can get. Whoever wins this district will be going to congress next year, and conservatives want Ron DeSantis. A passionate conservative, he fought in the military for his country and came home to write a book on the beliefs of our founding fathers. He understands that bailouts and wasteful spending must come to an end (unlike his opponents who supported and received stimulus dollars). Vote Ron to Congress so we can get our nation back on track. Here’s my post from a few weeks ago about Mr. DeSantis:

2) Congresswoman Sandy Adams for Florida CD 7: The Tea Party needs to win this race. Rep. Adams is a true leader who is locked in a tough battle with the Prince of Pork Rep. John Mica. Mica has been in congress for more than 3 terms and has refused to stop wasting money. Rep. Adams came to congress to stop this kind of mess that John Mica and other RINOs like him created. From asking for earmarks to supporting the bailouts, John Mica has got to be sent home. Vote for Sandy Adams today.

3) Congressman Allen West for Florida CD 18: Allen West hasn’t been perfect, but he has been a strong voice for those who love freedom and liberty. He’s made mistakes, but on major issues, he stands with conservatives. From fighting corrupt government officials in the Obama Administration to voting for spending cuts, he has been a good voice for freedom-loving Americans. His opponent, Bob Crowder, has already sworn to become a go-along, get along politician by calling out Allen West for his “hot rhetoric”. That’s what I actually like about Allen West. Send him back to congress by voting for him today.

Here’s a post I wrote about him:

4) Byron Donalds for Florida CD 19: Byron Donalds is a great American. A true conservative, he will fight to make the cuts needed, support balanced budgets, and fight against raising the debt ceiling unnecessarily. Here’s the post I wrote about him:


Vote Byron Donalds for Congress today!


If we want to reform our nation, we must elect principled conservatives who will fight for our beliefs. These four exemplify true conservative values, and I hope if you live in Florida that you will cast your ballots for them today. You have until 7 P.M. Eastern time today.

(Also, a little perspective about the Connecticut, Florida, and Wisconsin races:

Connecticut: Linda McMahon is better than Shays. Shays is a pro-abortion, anti-fiscal responsibility liberal Republican…essentially a RINO. Vote McMahon today.

Florida: I have a difficult time between Connie Mack and Dave Weldon. Should either one win, either one will have my full support. I would go with Rep. Mack just because I know more about his record since Rep. Weldon left a long time ago. Also, Rep. Mack has the backing of Freedomworks and Conservative Senators Paul and Lee.

Wisconsin: Tough one again. I just want somebody who can defeat Tammy Baldwin. Mark Neumann is the most conservative but is he the most electable? Can Wisconsin elect a Ted Cruz kind of guy? If the answer is yes, go ahead. It it’s no or maybe, you might want to consider going with Thompson (although I would not be able to support him fully). In the end, I would support Neumann very strongly, Hovde strongly, and Thompson with minimal support just to get rid of Baldwin.)

Those are my views. I’d be glad to here yours. But Florida especially needs to elect the four Conservatives above.

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