I want to write briefly in support of Josh Mandel, the GOP nominee to defeat Senator Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio). Josh Mandel is a young man who has proudly defended his country in the military. After serving proudly, he ran for state treasurer of Ohio defeating the incumbent 55-40%. During his tenure, Josh Mandel has worked hard cutting waste, fraud, and abuse. Two credit rating agencies, Standards  & Poor and Fitch have recognized Treasurer Mandel’s hard work by rewarding Ohio with high ratings.

He reported several areas in the government that could be cut that could lead to more than $1.2 million in savings:

But the reason why Josh Mandel needs to win this November is because of Senator Brown’s terrible record. During Senator Brown’s record, unemployment has increased, the debt is now $16 trillion dollars, and Senator Brown believes that GOVERNMENT KNOWS BETTER THAN PEOPLE (watch the video here):

I ask Ohioans to think: Does government know better or do the people know better? If your answer is the people, then Josh Mandel is who you should vote for.

And if you think government should still do things for people, let’s remember that Treasurer Mandel has never talked about ending programs like Medicare and Medicaid…but he does realize that REFORM IS NEEDED!

Visit Josh Mandel’s website for senate here and learn more about him:

I encourage all Ohioans to give Josh your vote this November.

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