Endorsements of 8-13-12: Incumbents Tim Scott, Pompeo, Huelskamp, Garrett

In addition to my announcement endorsing Josh Mandel for Ohio Senator, I want to roll out my support for four incumbent House members who have strongly obeyed the Constitution of the United States by fighting for conservative values:

  Representative Tim Huelskamp Representative Scott Garrett

1. Rep. Tim Scott: Republican Incumbent for South Carolina CD 1

Tim Scott scored a 92% from the Club for Growth and an 87% from the Heritage Foundation. One sign of his strong conservative leadership was his work as the chief sponsor of a bill that would allow Boeing to CREATE JOBS! LLPH 2nd Revolution is proud to support him for a second term.


2. Rep. Mike Pompeo: Republican Incumbent for Kansas CD 4

Mike Pompeo scored an 86% from the Club for Growth and an 84% from the Heritage Foundation. Mike Pompeo understands that our nation cannot afford expensive energy subsidies if we are to cut our deficit.


3. Rep. Tim Huelskamp: Republican Incumbent for Kansas CD 1

Tim Huelskamp scored a 100% from the Club for Growth a 90% from the Heritage Foundation. As a tribute to his strong conservative values, Democrats did not even bother to find a challenger for him, so he will be running unopposed this November. Rep. Huelskamp was one of the first to stand strong in his opposition to the wasteful continuing resolution (he would later be joined by only 40-50 other GOP representatives):


4. Rep. Scott Garrett: Republican Incumbent for New Jersey 5

Scott Garrett is the representative who puts RINOs to shame. Coming from a Democrat state and a Democrat leaning district, Scott Garrett has received a 99% from the Club for Growth and a 90% from the Heritage Foundation. He was one of the chief sponsors of the Republican Study Committee Budget (the most conservative of all the House budgets): http://www.redstate.com/dhorowitz3/2012/03/27/rsc-budget-cut-cap-and-balance-is-back-%E2%80%93-and-here-to-stay/

These four conservatives deserve our thanks and praise for fighting for conservative values. If you live in their districts, please help them in any way you can and also drop a thank you to them for fighting for conservative values. Also, I have put each of their campaign websites below for those of you who would like to donate to their campaigns. Reps. Huelskamp, Pompeo, and Scott are in conservative districts and should not need a lot of help. Rep. Garrett should be okay, but if you can send him a donation, I am sure he would be glad to accept your help:

Tim Scott: http://www.votetimscott.com/

Mike Pompeo: http://pompeoforcongress.com/

Tim Huelskamp (no opponent): http://www.huelskamp.org/index.html

Scott Garrett: http://garrettforcongress.com/

The Club for Growth is an organization focused on working for fiscal conservative values only. They support decreasing our deficits, cutting taxes, and free enterprise.

The Heritage Foundation is an organization focused on social and fiscal conservative values. They focus on a broader range of issues from the sanctity of life to wasteful spending bills and amendments.

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