The Peach State (Georgia) Should Show Tax Raising Saxby (Senator Chambliss) the DOOR!

With the 2012 primaries drawing to a close, it is time for conservatives to reflect upon not only our victories, but our defeats as well.

We won quite a few races with men like Ted Cruz in Texas (who will most likely be replacing RINO Hutchison), Richard Mourdock in Indiana, Deb Fischer in Nebraska, Todd Akin in Missouri, and others. In House races, we had tremendous victories as well. Tom Cotton in Arkansas 4, Thomas Massie in Kentucky 4, Jim Bridenstine in Oklahoma 1, and more.

But conservatives lost key opportunities in the primaries: from Senator Bob Corker (R-TN…his Democrat opponent has been disowned by the Democrat establishment) to RINO representatives in states like Alabama and Mississippi. We lost these opportunities because of a lack of organization.

So it’s time to start planning. We should continue to fight hard for November this year…this must be our focus. But would not hurt us to start thinking a little bit about our work ahead of us in 2014 in our goal to make the senate more conservative. So I will be starting this series of

Georgia Senate race: Senator Saxby Chambliss is part of the establishment. As a Georgian, I have been disappointed by his votes for omnibus bills, increased subsidies, and renewals of expensive programs like the Ex-Im Bank. Due to his policies, he scored a pitiful 72% from the Heritage Foundation (if he were in Massachusetts, this would be good…but from Georgia?!?!) and a 76% from the Club for Growth.

But it gets worst. Senator Chambliss supports raising taxes and was more than willing to give in for a “deal”:

Mr. Erick Erickson (a fellow Georgian) does a TERRIFIC job of laying out the reasons why Senator Chambliss should be shown the door:

Did you know that Senator Chambliss ALSO voted for liberal Attorney General Eric Holder (the man who violates states rights by opposing voter identifications)

Believe me, writing this post pains me deeply. I personally like Senator Chambliss, but when Conservative work out butts off for him (…we should expect better.

Review the scorecards and the individual votes here:

Heritage Foundation for America

Club for Growth 

Here are some candidates who I think would be strong challengers to Senator Chambliss:

1. Herman Cain: He wouldn’t be losing anything, and he could put up a strong fight due to his name recognition. He is pro-life, fiscally responsible, and would also help the GOP continue to dispel the lies of the Democrats (who enjoy claiming that the GOP is only open to “white men”).

2. Representative Tom Graves (R-GA 9 (soon to be 14)): The thing I hate about this is that he would end up losing his House seat and could end up with nothing. But as a freshman, he was given membership to a special group: the appropriation committee. But unlike other picks by the leadership, he ended up being a pain in the butt to the GOP leadership who wanted “compromise”. What a great comparison he would be to RINO Chambliss who hardly ever stands his ground.

Read more here:

3. Representative Paul Broun (R-GA 10): I would think that he would get tired of the House, but Rep. Broun has continued running for his seat. Loved by conservatives, he is older than Tom Graves, but he is just as conservative. An added plus is that he’s a doctor…he would bring a fresh voice especially since Senator Dr. Tom Coburn is retiring soon.

And he hasn’t been afraid to fight against Democrats and RINOs who refuse to make cuts:

Who else? Leave a comment on your opinion on the three or feel free to add your pick. 🙂

(I’m compiling names and ideas for the 2014 planning on my website:

HELP me plan for 2014 so we can make it another large YEAR OF THE CONSERVATIVES! Please add your comments below!

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