GOP Senate Nominees Proud to Stand with Romney-Ryan while Democrats are NOT with Obama-Biden!

Photo: I’m proud to announce Paul Ryan as my VP! Together we will offer a plan to restore American greatness and help build a stronger middle class. Stand with America’s Comeback Team:

Our GOP Senate nominees are proud to stand with this great presidential ticket. But some Democrats are not. Read each statement, and I will also note when this candidate’s opponent is scared to be with the president (please note: I am only including those who have won their nomination.)

Excellent: Mitt Romney made a bold choice today in picking Paul Ryan as his running mate. If the presidential race focuses on ideas — on the stark contrast between free markets and Obama’s failed economic agenda — we win, and Paul has long been a serious and fearless champion of reining in out-of-control government. Onward to victory.

Together with Mitt Romney and Mike Pence, Indiana has a team for jobs.
3. Denny Rehberg for Montana Senate Seat (challenging Obama friend Jon Tester)
4. Todd Akin (for Missouri Senate Seat) shared Mitt Romney‘s photo10 hours ago

It’s time for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to replace Obama and Biden! We need to get America back on track! LIKE and SHARE if you agree!
5. Rick Berg (for North Dakota Senate) “To get our country turned around and back on the path to growth and prosperity, Washington must face these problems head on, not tomorrow, next year or next century, but now, in our time and on our watch. Governor Romney and Representative Ryan understand these challenges, are ready to lead, and will be a strong ticket for the Republican Party this November.”

 Click the link to read my full statement on Paul Ryan as Governor Romney’s running mate.

It was an invigorating pleasure to join thousands of Virginians to welcome Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to Virginia. Virginians are fired up for this election. Now headed to Ashland and Manassas where we are bringing our positive vision for a better future.
And MORE AND MORE OF OUR GOP CANDIDATES in down ticket races are supporting Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to help get our country back. While I am more enthusiastic about some of these senate candidates than others, and view some of these more conservative than others, I hope that many of you will click on a few of their names and send them a donation. The U.S. SENATE is very important if we are to get our nation back on track because without it, even if Mitt Romney is the President, Harry Reid and his Democrat buddies will block any conservative piece of legislation.
Please help these candidates as much as you can. Winning the presidency is important, but without a U.S. senate majority, a President Romney and Vice President Ryan will be unable to do much. So please help out where you can (and feel free to let us know about who you donated to so we can thank you publicly…any races, not just senate ones.)
Also, I want to publicly announce my support for the Romney-Ryan ticket (not that it really matters). Both men have their faults, but their faults are like a grain of salt compared to the fault of President Obama and Vice President Biden, which is like a huge plank. President Obama has destroyed our country morally, economically, and our reputation globally in only FOUR YEARS (think about what would happen if we give him another four years…scary thought). 
Please donate to them here:
Together, as long as we have a strong Senate and House majorities, a President Romney and Vice President Ryan will be able to start getting our country back on track.
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