Senator Claire McCaskill Lies: Claims to be “anti-wasteful spending senator”!

Wouldn’t you like to have a LEADER who REPRESENTS 
WE THE PEOPLE instead of a LIAR?
(Picture: Todd Akin (Republican Candidate for Missouri US Senate) with the people he will represent.)
Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Missouri) is trying to play to the right to Rep. Todd Akin (R-Missouri 2) by claiming she is fiscally responsible, while he is not.
She claims to be “anti-earmarks”:
Let me set the record straight. Rep. Todd Akin may support earmarks, but he is so fiscally responsible that he earned a 94% from the Club for Growth and a 91% (Hero Rating) from the Citizens Against Government Waste. LET ME REPEAT: HE WAS NAMED A HERO BY THE CITIZENS AGAINST GOVERNMENT WASTE! But there is no doubt that he is more fiscally responsible than Air Claire, who has decided to lie about her record:
But for Air Cliare to claim that “ Since 2007, McCaskill has been making good on her pledge to deliver that same fiscally-disciplined, sharp-pencil approach to the federal government as United States Senator from Missouri.” is simply the one of the worst lies I have heard.
Claim: “Sen. McCaskill has never requested a single earmark during her time serving in the U.S. Senate. [Citizens Against Government Waste]“ 
What she doesn’t tell the people of Missouri is that the Citizens Against Government Waste named her the PORKER of the Month in September of 2011:
The President of CAGW said this: “Freeing the agency to engage in non-postal businesses which will compete unfairly with private sector businesses is a lousy idea. Any reforms that fail to address the USPS’ command-and-control business model must be dismissed in favor of reform that scales the agency’s labor pool to meet shrinking demand and moves it toward a free market solution.  Sen. McCaskill’s wistful idea of a PR campaign is indicative of how out of touch Congress is with the condition of USPS’s finances.”
Furthermore, the Citizens Against Government Waste gave her a 28% (Unfriendly Rating).
Claim: She also wants to quote Senator Jim Demint (wow…he must be that popular!). Sen. Jim DeMint Praised McCaskill’s Work to End Earmarks.
Did you know that she voted to table Senator Demint’s amendment to ban earmarks. (You’re probably thinking: Wait…I thought she said she’s against earmarks?!?!)
The Citizens Against Government Waste blasted her in this article:
(Also, please note that she has been rated the Porker of the Month TWO TIMES…by an organization she respects (the fact that she quotes them).)
CONCLUSION: These are just two of the top lies that Air Claire has made. Tom Schatz, President of the CAGW, said that by Air Claire’s actions…she shows how out of touch congress is. By her actions, Air Claire has shown how OUT OF TOUCH SHE IS from Missouri’s citizens. This November 2012…VOTE TODD AKIN. Let’s show Ms. “I’m anti wasteful spending when it’s convenient” the door. 
Help Todd Akin here:
(Picture: Stark contrast from the picture above. Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) with the person she represents: President Barack Obama (I didn’t know he lived in Missouri!)
P.S. : Senator McCaskill won’t even stand next to this man this year. She’s running away…I though he was so popular??? Guess not :) !
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