Missouri Senate Race: Congrats to Future Senator Todd Akin (from a Brunner supporter)

Representative W. Todd Akin

It’s not easy having your candidate lose the senate race. I was up late last night hoping and praying that John Brunner would pull it off. He was endorsed by Freedomworks, Conservative Senators Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) and Tom Coburn (R-Oklahoma). But as the night went on and the precincts to count decreased greatly…I soon realized that Rep. Todd Akin would be the GOP nominee.

I first want to thank John Brunner and Sarah Steelman for the campaigns they ran. While I preferred either one of them over Todd Akin, it was not meant to be. I wish them both and their families well…and I hope that they will continue to serve their country in their distinct and special ways.

Now, I want to extend my congratulations to the Honorable Todd Akin. I have criticized him for his support of earmarks, wasteful spending, and expressed my concerns at whether he would stand with conservatives like Jim Demint and Mike Lee  or with RINOs like Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski: http://www.redstate.com/spoasteph97/2012/08/05/club-for-growth-attacks-earmarker-todd-akin-vote-john-brunner-or-sarah-steelman/

My concerns are still there, but I announce today my support for Todd Akin. I blasted some of his supporters who refused to support John Brunner if he won the nomination…I will not be accused of being a hypocrite. After studying his record, I have decided that he has sided with conservatives at least 80%…sufficient enough to be added to my support list. If you go to my website, you will see that I have added Todd Akin to my support list. My support list is designed to show those candidates/legislators who I agree with at least 80% of the time. I do support ALL REPUBLICAN NOMINEES, but there are some I support more than others (example: I am more enthusiastic about supporting Ted Cruz than I am in supporting Heather Wilson.)

For those of you who supported Sarah Steelman or John Brunner (like me), I want to encourage you to support Todd Akin so we can defeat Air Claire. Todd Akin supports elimination of wasteful departments, repealing Obamacare, the sanctity of life and marriage, internet freedom, and the Constitution. He also scores a 94% from the Club for Growth which is in stark comparison to GOP Senator Roy Blunt’s 67% and Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill’s pitiful 26%. If you still don’t like Todd Akin, go vote for him with the thought that you are going to make Senator Jim Demint (a man who has done so much for Conservatives) the chairman of a committee.

So in conclusion, I congratulate Todd Akin. I hope he will prove any doubts that I have wrong should he get to the Senate. But one thing to me is clear: President Obama’s ally, Senator Claire McCaskill (Air Claire) MUST BE DEFEATED! While it is difficult to clear my doubts about Todd Akin…I will support him to defeat Air Claire and give the senate to the GOP so we can repeal Obamacare, cut taxes, decrease spending, and make America the shining city upon a hill once again.

On to VICTORY IN NOVEMBER 2012! —Spoa Steph

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