Congrats to Kerry Bentivolio (R CAND-Michigan 11)!

Read about this victory here:

I just wanted to extend my congratulations to LLPH-endorsed Kerry Bentivolio. Through his hard work and with the aid of grassroots activists and conservative organizations like Freedomworks, Gun Owners of America, Madison Project, Campaign for Liberty, and others, he won last night and defeated a write-in establishment candidate.

THE PEOPLE SPOKE…AND WASHINGTON D.C. will hear the message in January 2013.

LLPH has seen these types of grassroots victories a lot this year. From Ted Cruz’s victory in Texas Senate race to Steve Stockman’s victory in Texas CD-36 all the way to the victories of Richard Mourdock in Indiana Senate race, Thomas Massie in KY-CD 4, and Tom Cotton in Arkansas CD 4, and many more…the people are sending Washington D.C. a message: we are tired of their compromise, their go along, get along policies, and their reckless spending habits.

Kerry still has a somewhat difficult race, so any help will be appreciated:

Let’s continue on with our conservative victories. There’s still a lot more work to be done…but together, the RINOs and liberals CANNOT DEFEAT US! 🙂

On to LLPH in 2012! —Spoa Steph

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